How to get rid of cockroaches quickly and easily

How to get rid of cockroaches quickly and easily: 15 effective ways

Where do cockroaches come from in the house?

Open food, warmth and darkness are the main criteria for attracting all kinds of animals. Nasty insects move from apartment to apartment through ventilation holes, cracks, pipes, garbage chutes and the façade of the building. They can be brought with you accidentally in a suitcase from vacation, with old furniture, postal parcels.

Scientifically, cockroaches are synanthropic insects. That is, theycannot exist in the wild, outside the human home. Most of all, they are attracted to the kitchen, where they can get food. If there are crumbs on the table all the time, grease stains remain, dirty dishes are stored in the sink – there will be more and more cockroaches every day. They do not disdain food for cats and dogs.

Red creatures make their nests in safe places: in electrical appliances, kitchen cabinets, baseboards, peeled wallpaper, old books. As the colony grows, cockroaches move to neighboring apartments in search of a better life. But before that, they send a “scout” to make sure the new place is safe. If the apartment is clean, the food is safely hidden, there are repellents, they will prefer another dwelling.

Insects do not bite, but they carry various viruses and infections on their legs and body. Such a neighborhood is not safe for humans. What can you get sick with: salmonellosis, tuberculosis, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, helminthiasis, microbacteriosis (affects children), etc.


How to understand that cockroaches live in the house:


  • Black dots on wallpaper, tables, dishes are traces of insect activity.
  • Clutches with eggs in corners and secluded places – in this case, insects will have to be driven out twice. First the adults, then the hatched offspring.
  • Face-to-face meeting – when there are a lot of them, they will certainly get in touch. Most often, black (up to 3 cm in length, kitchen) and red (up to 1.5 cm in length, Prusak) cockroaches live in houses.

In addition to these signs, a specific smell appears in the apartment.

How to remove cockroaches forever: folk remedies

Insects quickly adapt to unfavorable conditions, toxic substances, so it is necessary to change the methods of destruction. For starters, you can try folk remedies – they are safe for humans and pets.

  1. Ammonia

    Ammonia is used as a barrier and repellent, so that a colony of insects does not settle in the apartment. All manipulations must be done in a mask and rubber gloves. The product is mixed with water (1 teaspoon per liter), ventilation grilles, skirting boards, apartment floor, furniture, doorways, kitchen appliances are treated. You can soak a cloth in alcohol, put it on top of kitchen cabinets. The procedure is repeated at least 1 time a week. If the living space is empty, then you can place open containers with a concentrated solution.

  2. Boric acid for cockroaches

    The product has been used for decades, it destroys cockroaches with immunity to chemicals. Unlike many poisons, it does not affect the nervous system, but corrodes the digestive tract. It is harmless to humans and animals, but it is better to cook the poison with gloves. Boric acid is sold in pharmacies in liquid form and powders. For processing, it is better to take the dry version. It is sprinkled on baseboards, corners, floors. But acid-based baits work more effectively: mix the powder with cheese or egg yolk, roll balls and put them in places where nests are found. You can season the “dinner” with vanilla, flour, sugar – the more flavorful, the better.

  3. cold

    Cockroaches do not tolerate cold: at +5 and below, they die. They can’t maintain the right level of heat like animals. Eggs need sub-zero temperatures to die. Such drastic measures are resorted to when other means fail. To do this, all doors and windows are opened, the heating is turned off, and the room is ventilated for at least 4 hours. Freezing is effective in winter in severe frost. At the same time, there is a risk of damage to the heating, plumbing system and household appliances.

  4. heat treatment

    Hot air treatment is an equally effective method. Cockroaches die at a temperature of +50 degrees. If it’s 40 degrees outside, you can take your clothes and carpets out in the sun. Some of the insects will definitely not return. A steamer is used to destroy the nests. And a hot fog will help to cope with a large population. The non-toxic substance is heated to +70 degrees and sprayed throughout the apartment. The suspension fills all the nooks and crannies. The only disadvantage is that you can’t enter the apartment for 10 hours after treatment. At the same time, keep all doors and windows closed for 2 hours.

  5. trap

    A good way if the insects have not yet multiplied. Grease the inside of a deep bowl or jar with vegetable oil, put bread, honey or cookies on the bottom. Naïve Prussians will climb into the jar for a treat, and will not be able to get back because of the greasy film. You will have to change the bait every 3-4 days to maintain an attractive smell.

  6. geranium

    They get rid of uninvited guests with the help of pungent smells, for example, geraniums. The easiest way is to place flower pots in the kitchen and living rooms. You can place the leaves next to the ventilation hole. Aside from geraniums, insects don’t like the scent of chamomile. It can be dried, the powder can be spread along the migration routes. The essential oils of these plants, added to the water during harvesting, help well.

  7. kerosene

    A long-standing trick that helps repel many insects. Kerosene is used to treat corners, skirting boards, and habitats. One procedure does not give the desired effect, so it is repeated from time to time. Do not use the liquid near sources of fire. It is mandatory to wear gloves.

  8. acetic acid

    If there is no ammonia and kerosene in the house, then there is definitely table vinegar. The pungent smell of acid scares away impudent tenants. Vinegar is used to moisten rags, wipe baseboards, and put them in secluded places. Connoisseurs add hot pepper to the liquid. This remedy will not kill cockroaches, but they will definitely forget the way to the apartment.

  9. herbs

    To combat kitchen “terrorists”, aromatic herbs (dried or live) are often used. The most unpleasant for them are bay leaves, wormwood, wild rosemary, mint, elderberry, anise, cedar, tea tree. Flowers are placed on windowsills, leaves are placed in the habitats of cockroaches.

    These products help well if they are used in combination with chemicals.

How to deal with cockroaches with professional means

Insecticides are toxic to humans and animals. When processing, you must strictly follow the instructions printed on the package.

  1. gels

    They are applied pointwise in places where animals or a small child cannot reach. For example, on the top of a hanging kitchen cabinet or behind the trash can. Spruce trees do not have a smell, but are very attractive to cockroaches, which carry it on their paws and pass it on to their relatives. The drug acts on nerve cells, after contact the “victim” stops breathing. It is effective in small colonies

  2. traps

    Purchasable traps work in the same way as homemade variants. There are different types: glue, poisonous, electrical. The principle is simple: there is a bait inside, on which the cockroach “bites”, then it either gets stuck there, or poisons itself and brings poison to the colony, or dies from an electric shock. Electric traps are the most expensive and durable

  3. crayons

    Crayons are used to draw bold lines along the baseboards, behind the furniture, near the ventilation shafts. As soon as the cockroach crosses the border, the poison is on the body – within a few hours it causes complete paralysis. Crayons are very toxic, you can’t “draw” on the kitchen table, next to the dishes. Work with gloves

  4. aerosols

    The sprayers are instantaneous, and you need to close the windows to be effective. Aerosol treatment can only be done in a respirator. Food, dishes are covered with a film, after the procedure a general cleaning is carried out.

  5. ultrasonic repellents

    These devices do not kill insects, but force them to leave the apartment using ultrasonic waves. They are safe for humans and large pets. They repel not only Prussians, but also fleas, bedbugs, midges, mosquitoes. They are affordable — from 500 rubles

  6. exterminators

    If the above remedies did not help, it is worth seeking help from exterminators. Departure of professionals costs from 2000 rubles, it all depends on the area of processing. Many give a guarantee against re-appearance, which is valid for 3-6 months. After treatment, you need to carry out wet cleaning and wash all home textiles. Be sure to warn your neighbors from adjacent apartments, agree to carry out joint pest control. Otherwise, cockroaches will wait out the toxic blow in a safe place, and then return back.
    If there are residents in the entrance who lead an antisocial lifestyle, then the insects will periodically return. This is a problem that requires comprehensive measures. Make a collective complaint together with other neighbors. It can be sent to the management company, the Housing Inspectorate, Rospotrebnadzor. They will take appropriate action.

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