Analysis of the life of cockroaches
Analysis of the life of cockroaches
Analysis of the life of cockroaches

Analysis of the life of cockroaches

 Cockroaches love heat and live behind radiators and hot water pipes

Although the presence of cockroaches in places causes many health risks, the dangers of using toxic compounds to eliminate them, especially if precautions are not taken, are far greater than the presence of cockroaches.

Characteristics of cockroaches

In terms of appearance, they have a banded abdomen and are oval in shape, they have wings that are placed crosswise on the abdomen, their color is brown or black, and their size is between one and five centimeters. Cockroaches lay eggs after settling in a suitable place.

The number of cockroach eggs is 16 to 48, which are inside the brown bean-shaped capsule. Cockroaches place these capsules in dark places in cracks and seams or under surfaces of tables and chairs or beds and other packed items.

The capsules are gradually enlarged, then a small white young cockroach without wings comes out of it. It takes thirty to fifty days from the beginning of egg laying until the baby cockroach comes out. The adult cockroach lives for a few months to a year, and during this time it spawns several times. Cockroaches like tropical areas, but some species live in temperate areas and in houses and buildings where there is warm and humid air and enough food.

How do cockroaches live?

These insects are fond of sweet and starchy substances. They are made of sugar and sweet chocolate, milk, cheese, meat, bread and cereals, as well as cardboard, book covers, wood on the roof, soles of shoes, carcasses of dead and paralyzed cockroaches, dried and fresh blood, feces, phlegm, Fingernails and toenails of sick and sleeping people are used for nutrition.

Cockroaches love heat and live behind radiators and hot water pipes. They hide in the cracks and seams of the walls, door frames, sofas and dark spots. A group of cockroaches moves by walking and flying.


More common species:


American cockroaches: They are the same sewer cockroaches that are 2.5 to 2.7 cm long and have a red-brown color and their wings are fully developed. These cockroaches live in sewers, and for complete eradication, in addition to sewers, the places where these insects pass through must be sprayed with poison.

German cockroaches: They are among the smallest domestic cockroaches, their length is between 10-15 mm and they are golden yellow to yellowish brown in color. Females are bigger than males and males are slightly lighter than females, i.e. light yellowish brown. Their lifespan is about 6 months. During her life, the female cockroach creates 6 to 8 bags at the end of her body, each of which contains 30 to 40 cockroach eggs.

Each female cockroach produces 180 to 320 young cockroaches during her lifetime. These cockroaches are specific to kitchens and are often found in restaurants, bakeries and homes. This species has developed resistance to common poisons, so special methods are used to eradicate it.

Eastern cockroaches: It is about 2.5 cm long, it is dark in color, it is flat and wide and it has short wings.


Medical importance and fight against cockroaches


Cockroaches are considered important pests that feed on dirt, rotten food, cloth and book glue, they return part of their undigested food, they have a habit of defecating on food, they secrete a substance from their mouth and glands. which create a lasting and unpleasant smell in the path of their movement and their food sources.

Cockroaches by contaminating food through pathogenic agents found in toilets, garbage, etc., transmission agent:

– Bacterial diseases: diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever

– Viral diseases: polio

– Carrying the eggs of parasitic worms

And they also cause allergic reactions such as skin discomfort, itching, eyelid swelling and respiratory problems.

How to fight:

Cockroaches need water, food and shelter to survive. Pollution can be effectively reduced by using the following methods:

Reduction of food sources:

– Placing garbage in non-permeable nylon bags and then inside the trash can at the door

– Fastening in a garbage bag

– Storing food in the refrigerator or in a container with a door

– Collecting leftover food while cooking or eating

– Cleaning kitchen cabinets

– Cleaning the kitchen floor

– Washing food utensils such as dishwashing wire and Scotch after each use

– Cleaning the grease on the ventilators and the wall

– Blocking the seams and cracks on the wall, floor, ceiling, seams between the stairs and…

– Stripping and filling existing strips between tiles, floors and edges of cornices


Reduction of water resources:

– Equipping the sewer floor, especially the kitchen floor with a cover

– Draining the water under the pots

– Washing food dishes as soon as possible

– Drying the washed dishes

– Repairing water faucets that drip.


Spraying cockroaches:

In addition to using improvement standards, it is also possible to fight cockroaches by using insecticides, which is considered as the last method to fight cockroaches due to environmental pollution.

Although the presence of cockroaches in places causes many health risks, the dangers of using toxic compounds to eliminate them, especially if precautions are not taken, are far greater than the presence of cockroaches.

The type of poison and the method of spraying should be chosen by trained and specialized people and spraying should be done by these people. When spraying, all precautionary measures must be observed.

It is necessary to clean and, if possible, wash the target areas before spraying, and food, eating utensils, children’s equipment, sleeping equipment, and birds must be completely covered.

To fight cockroaches, spraying the places that are washed quickly and using poisons that have a low retention effect is not enough, and the egg capsules in the place that are hidden may gradually open, so it is necessary to use more than 2 poisons. – It should remain on the surfaces for 3 months, or if the place is washed, the spraying should be repeated.

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